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GOLD Annual Support Partners

Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club

City of Steamboat Springs

Native Excavating, Inc./Alpine Aggregates,          LLC


Steamboat Radio

Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation

Steamboat Sotheby's International Realty


Yampa Valley Bank

SILVER Annual Support Partners

Christy Sports Ski and Snowboard

Colorado Event Rentals

Deer Park Road Corporation

Honey Stinger, BAP, Big Agnes


Nordic Excavating, Inc.

Orthopaedics of Steamboat Springs

Resort Group

Truffle Pig and Carl's Tavern

BRONZE Annual Support Partners

Ace's High Services Royal Flush Industries

Alissa and Jeff Merage


$50,000 and Above

Adventurine Tree Foundation

Timothy and Janet Borden

Paul C. Phillips



Ed and Bonnie Calhoun

Michael and Sara Craig-Scheckman

Gerber Berend Design Build, Inc.

Shadek Family Foundation

Snow Star Fund



Alpine Bank


Bill and Kris Bensler

Wayne and Cathy Berry

Joe and Sara Bishop

Jim and Leagh Boyne

Dr. Stacy and Diana Childs

Ross and Sally Dyer

John and Carrie Hayden

Terry Huffington

Andy and Bobbye Inglis

Kent, Kristen, Carson, Kiley, Max, Caleb Jordan

Ed and June MacArthur


Ron and Sarah Simon

T2 Foundation

Timbers Kaua'i

Tito's Handmade Vodka



Jonathan and Betsy Albro

Allterrain Excavating, Inc. 

American Endowment Foundation

CJIG Management LLC

Colgan Foundation

David and Debbie Dacus

Downtown Conoco, Inc.

Elk Pass Ranch

Fairview Commercial Lending

Glas Deffryn Ranch Fund of YVCF

Jeff, Nancy, Jasper & Sierra Good 

Jose Gurdian

Steven and Amy Halvorsen

Hamilton Family Foundation


Thomas and Flora Karam

Scott and Karin Lee

Dale and Barbara Morrison

Pete and Susan Neidecker

Rowe Family Foundation

Gary and Nancy Scholten

Tony and Emily Seaver 

Slivon Family

Steven and Karen Speer

Steamboat Mountain School

Waukesha County Community Foundation/Roy and Teena Cook

Weiss Family LLLP

David Zink





Allen Family Charitable Trust

Keith Aarsheim

John and Tammy Adams

Altitude Snacks

Dr. David J. Anderson

Jen Appelman

Arctic Liquors

Russell and Carol Atha

Back Door Grill

Backcountry Delicatessen

Dr. William  and Jennifer Baker

David Baldinger, Jr.

David and Michelle Barnes

Ben's Blinds

Paul Berge

Michael and Nancy Berman

Steve and Kelly Bloom Family Foundation

Steve and Kelly Bloom

Brian and Theresa Boone

Lesley Bowdre

Jay and Mary Bowman

Cam and Jill Boyd

Adam and Christa Brady

Rodney and Nancy Buchner

Susse Budde

Aras Butas

Ren Cannon

Dale Cantwell and Pamela Ray

Jody and Brooke Carlson

Jay Carson

Donald and Gloria Casey

City Market

Jon and Carol Clark

Chuck and Tania Coffey

Colorado Embroidery, LLC

Chris and Sara Connelly

Debra Conroy

Nat Cooper

Brad and Lara Craig 

Dean and Elizabeth Danielson

Randy and Connie Dean

Stephen Dearholt and Natalie Hurtig

Ray and Khristin Degli 

Jeff Dekko and Christine Rhodes Dekko

Destination Hospitality

Chris and Eileen Diamond

Pilar Dostal

Stephen and Joanne Downes

Derick and Anne Duckels

Ross and Sally Dyer

Lynn and Gayle Earnest

Don and Gail Eden

DJ Edwards

George and Barbara Eidsness

Sandra Eivins, MD

Emich Volkswagen

David Fields

Fleischer Sport, LLC

AJ Fleming

Fred Fuller and Penny Fletcher

David and Tara Gedeon

Get to What Matters

Gondola Pub and Grill

Julie Green

Roland and Patricia Gustafson

Tim and Joey Haas

Mike and Margaret Hackworthy

Jon and Kim Hamilton

Lew and Sherry Hay

Luanne Hazelrigg

Ray Heid

High Point Roofing LLC

Brett Himbury

Arie Hoogendoorn

Jeff and Lissa Hostetler

John and Angie Hovey

Mortimer and Susan Huber

Peter and Andree Hudson

Integrated Water Services, Inc.

Larry and Pam Jacobson

JCB Inc.

V. Gail Jensen

Theodore and Anette Kahn

Chris and Maria Kaminski

Thomas Karam

Denny and Olivia Kimmeth

William C. Kurtz Jr. Family

Doug and Mary Labor

James and Susan Larson

Letson Enterprises Inc.

John Lewis

Newel and Marlowe Linford

Bebe Lloyd

Bruce and Kathryn Logan

Rich and Anne Lowe

David and Linda Lund

Charlie and Becca MacArthur

Magic Memories

Richard and Lisa Mann

Matthew McConnell

David and Linda McIrvin

Moe's Original Bar B Que

Marv and Diane Morrison

William and Katherine Moser

Mountain Valley Bank

John Muir and Iris Behr

NAASF Foundation

Network for Good

Nicklaus Children's Health System

Northland Skis

Christian Nyby

George O'Conor

Off the Beaten Path

Brian and Lisa Olson

Dr. Jeffrey Olson and Amy Cook-Olson

Ryan and Heather Overstake

Dr. Sunshine Owens

Greg and Kristen Pappas

Pasetti Charitable Fund

Mark Pateman

Pediatrics of Steamboat Springs

Jim Peterson and Kathi Meyer

Pinon Petroleum, LLC

Chris and Wendy Puckett

Randall and Sherry Reed

Rick Restall and Donna Kerr

Matthew and Sydney Richeda

Justin and Dara Ricketts

Gabriela Riegler

Katie Jane Riemenschneider

Stu Roberts and Lulu Gold

Run Rabbit Run, LTD

Bob and Dell Ann Sathe

Dr. Andreas and Lisa Sauerbrey

Jon and Kathryn Schafer

Tom and Kaia Scheel

Gregory and Maura Schmitz

Rudy and Susan Schupp

Schure Sports

Jon and Melinda Sherman

Douglas and Heidi Shurtleff

Ski Haus International

Ski Town USA Rotary Club of the Yampa Valley

Paul and Noreen Slivon

Spillane Enterprises, Inc.

Steamboat Meat & Seafood Co.

Steamboat Snack Company

Steamboat Sunlight LLC

Ben and Adrienne Stroock

Tatar Family Foundation

Jeff and Kim Temple

The Bruce G. Allbright III Family Trust

The Home Ranch

The Steamboat Group, LLC

The Woodside Foundation

Douglas and Danielle Thomas

Bryan and Tyler Traficanti

Matt and Dana Tredway

Pam Vanatta

Jamie and Angela VanOveren

Ariel Verges

Eric Verploeg

Andy Volk and Christina Peters

Karlyn Wagner

Gordon and Susan Watson

Glen and Julie Weinberg

Fred and Elizabeth Weiner

Joshua Welch

Steve and Pam Williams

Amy Wilson

Mark and Mimi Witcher

Yampa Valley Electric Association

Leonard Zanni and Jeanne Mackowski

Stephen and Lindsey Zarlengo

Zipline Ski

Jim and Barbara Bronner

Peter Casavecchia and Jennifer Tamburrino

Verne and Nancy Lundquist

Steve and Terry Thorp

Jim and Karen Schneider

Alpine Lumber

AMM Consulting Inc.

Calcon Constructors

Consolidated Electrical Distributors

Central Electric

Scott Grosjean

Steamboat ER, LLC

Steamboat Motors

Ross and Melanie Walker

Gardner and Millie Flanigan

John and Amy Hillenbrand

Greg and Amy Burkholder

JSM Builders, Inc.

Lon and Eileen Allen

Sam and Abby Barron-Fox

Stephen and Laurie Bonucci

Charles and Nancy Brabec

Sarah Bradford

Thomas Cain

Emily Calhoun


Skip Curry

Tony and Amy Dickson

John and Cherie Duty

Michael Elvidge and Jennifer DeRose

F.M. Light & Sons, Inc.

William and Susan Friesell

Mark and Stacy Genereux

Steve Georgis

Harris and Mae Greene

Jason and Shannon Grosdidier

John Ives

Nathan Johansing

T.I. Kaske


James and Jeannine Lahrman

Nelson Carmichael and Caroline Lalive-Carmichael

David Lamb

Toby Leeson

Scott and Jonell Loeppert

Harold and Janet Lydick

Max's Service Inc.

Ross and Jennifer McLaren

Moots Cycles

NMM Real Estate, Inc.

Otto Pint Steamboat

Jeff and Kelly Oxley

Kip and Karen Parks

Bill and Barbara Philip

Richard Porreco

PureBuilt Inc.

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Gay Roane

Robison-Bouquet Fund of the YVCF

Craig Secrest

John and Domenica Seitz

Sharp, Steinke, Sherman & Engle, LLC

Loren and Jean Soria

Ellen Spangler

Steamboat Ski & Bike Kare Inc.

Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation

Summit Shade Sports, Inc./Hard Headed

The Steamboat Group, LLC

Scott and Kelli True

Jeff Uberuaga

Donald and Teresa Van Orden

Nathan and Summer Walker

Frank and Jackie Williams

Wilson Family

Thomas Burtard and Cheryl Wolf

Mountain Log Homes of CO, Inc.


Up To $499

Bobby Aldighieri

Troy and Adonna Allen


Gary Arentz and Carol Anne Clardy

Peter and Kellie Arpin

Todd and Patricia Asbury

John and Amy Asta

Tom Baer and Rosalie Summerill 

Carol Baily

Denny and Sherry Benson 

Maren Berge

Lynne Barton Bier

William and Franziska Bishop

Mike and Kathy Blair 

Bob and Joan Boglioli

James and Katherine Boyle

David Bradt

Thomas Bragg and Megan Harvey Bragg

Chris and Emily Brennan

Rex Brice and Bettina Neset

Ronald and Connie Brinkman

Paul and Chresta Brinkman

Leilani Brooks

Larry Brown

Lance and Lynna Broyles

Brian and Helen Bruellman

Scott and Sarah Burg

Butcherknife Brewing Company

Joseph and Lynne Caddell

CAF America

Ellen Campbell

Jimmy and Marianne Capra

Gibb Clarke and Lindsay Grant

Kelly and Susan Colfer

Colorado Group Realty

Stephen and Christine Corzette

Kyle and Elyse Craig

Jerry and Kathy Craig

Barry and Robin Crossan 

Kyle Currell

D&D Marketing Concepts, Inc.

Richard and Linda Danter 

Debbie Aragon State Farm

Joe DeFeo

Win and Elaine Dermody

Gary and Susan DeRose

David Deverell

Clint and Jessica Devin

Michael and Carolyn Dillhyon

Camille DiTrani

David Dooley

John and Leslie Dorman

Jason and Iva Dorr

Pamela Duckworth

Andrea Eckert

Elevation Law Group, P.C.

Ken and Donna Ellrich 

Scott and Liz Engelman

Al and Betsy Escher

Monica Fenton

Jim Ferguson and Alisa Hurley

Paul and Bridget Ferguson

Lee and Susan Findell 

Mark and Dana Fitzgerald

James and Kathleen Flood

Dolores Gall

James and Hannah Gentilcore

David Gerhart

Larry, Maggie, Alex and Molly Glueck

Go Alpine

Jeff and Tish Gobble

Jason and Katherine Godley

Travis and Laurie Good

Grass Sticks

R. Douglas Greally and Janice Ugaki

Erik and Lori Griepentrog

Julie Hanna

Frankie and Heidi Hannah

Paul and Joan Heimbach

Brian and Danielle Heit 

Kevin Hendrickson

Thomas and Jennifer Henninger

Barbara Heuberger

Vincent Heyd 

David and Dimmye High

Ed and Jayne Hill

Ellery and Riley Hodges

Holder Padgett Littlejohn + Prickett, LLC 

Steve and Donna Mae Hoots

John and Trish Hopkins 

Kevin and Hannah Hopkins

Huyser Drywall, Inc.

Debra Irvine

Sara Jarrett

Steve and Carol Jeffers

Daniel and Jennifer Jessen

Matthew and Kelli Johnson

Mark Jones

Robin Jugl 

Harold and Peggy Kamins

Paul and Lynn Kearns

Roberta Keenan

Keller Law, LLC

Jim and Judy Kline

Deborah Knost

Steve and Paula Kooperman

Kathy Kortas

Ronald and Susan Krall

Peter Kurtz

Keith Lage

Jay Lambert and Diana Hornung

Mike Lane

Janine Lodico

Michael and Jan Lomas

Brad and Katrina Luth

Kerry and Chrissy Lynch

John Maas

Robert and Susan MacCarthy

Richard and Audrey Mandell

Tamera Manzanares

Wallace McCallum

Robert McConnell

Bob and Beth McCullough

Robert McGrath

Ken McLagan

Chris and Wendy McLaughlin

Joseph and Denise McManus

Dave and Cari Merlina

Kris and Casey Middledorf

Ivars, Wendy and Luisa Mikelsons 

Richard and Roxie Miles

Scott Minnig

Kevin and Stephanie Monahan

Michael and Nicole Montgomery

Mario Moranetz

Mark Morrison

Gary and Holly Nelson

Greg and Ashley Nerman

Matthew Newman

Nine Seven Zero

Nolting Family

Brad and Barbara O'Connor

Michael Orozco

Lin Palmer

Charles and Karen Parsons

Kiva and Dana Patten

Clay and Lizzy Pendleton

Rob and Erin Perlman

Perricone Family

Charlie and Karen Pharris

Ian and Heidi Prichard

Robert and Ellen Race

Doug and Kay Rawlings

Mary Romick

Melissa Russell

Noel and Laurie Sankey

Bill and Tosia Sauter

Brian and Valerie Savoie

Hal and Suzanne Schlicht

Tom and Lesley Schuldt

Tom and Judy Schwall

Steve and Carol Sehnert

Victor and Jan Serafy

Jim Severson

Tom and Sandy Sharp

Barbara Siek 

Mike and Danielle Skov

Peter and Heather Sloop

Donald and Joyce Snider

Ryan and Deborah Spaustat

Rodney Speaks

Robert Spence

Jim and  Nancy Spillane

Steamboat Ace Hardware

Steamboat Bridge Lessons Group

Steamboat Homes Real Estate

Steamboat Pilates & Fitness Studio

James Stegmaier

Carl Steidtmann and Kathy Cline

Robert B. Stevenson

Laura Stout

Kevin Sullivan

Tom and Barbara Swissler

The Drunken Onion

Scott and Pat Thomas

Chris Toll

Joe and Lana Turner

Roy and Krista Ummel


Craig and Becky Ward

Eric Washburn and Robin Schepper

David and Ilene Watts 

Nancy Wegeman

Robert and Deane Weiss

West End Liquor

William and Mary Whelihan

William R. McKelvie Living Trust

Scott Wither

Simon Wood

Allen and Carol Woodfield 

Larry and Lynn Worrell

David and Missy Yowell

Tom and Patty Zehner

Legacy Society Members

David Baldinger, Jr.

Maren Berge

Paul Berge

Chuck and Tania Coffey

Glas Deffryn Ranch

David Lamb

Larry and Becky Lamb

Ed and June MacArthur

Bere Neas

Dr. Sunshine Owens

Jack and Marit Perkins

Chris and Wendy Puckett

Matthew and Sydney Richeda

Scott and Charly Rotermund

Jeff and Kim Temple

Karen Utterback and Ron Normann

Eric Washburn and Robin Schepper

In Memory of

Tim Fletcher by:

Dean and Patricia Anthony

Tom Baer and Rosalie Summerill

Denny and Sherry Benson

Thomas Burtard and Cheryl Wolf

Stephen and Christine Corzette

Barry and Robin Crossan

Richard and Linda Danter

David Deverell

David Dooley

Lee and Susan Findell

Larry, Maggie, Alex and Molly Glueck

Jeff, Nancy, Jasper and Sierra Good

Barbara Heuberger

Vincent Heyd

Holder Pagett Littlejohn + Prickett, LLC

Steve and Donna Mae Hoots

Paul and Lynn Kearns

Kathy Kortas

Mike Lane

Robert McConnell

Matthew Newman

Tom and Judy Schwall

Barbara Siek

James Stegmaier

Ellen Spangler

Allen Family


David and Ilene Watts

William and Mary Whelihan

Allen and Carol Woodfield

In Memory of

Scott Blair by:

Troy and Adonna Allen

Allterrain Excavating, Inc.

Todd and Patricia Asbury

Russell and Carol Atha

Carol Baily

Maren Berge

Mike and Kathy Blair

Brad and Lara Craig

Jerry and Kathy Craig

Elevation Law Group

Julie Hanna

John and Trisha Hopkins

Mark Jones

Roberta Keenan

Bill and Christine McKelvie

Ivars, Wendy and Luisa Mikelsons

Doug and Kay Rawlings

Victor and Jan Serafy

Steamboat Bridge Lessons Group

Eric Washburn and Robin Schepper

Cheryl Wolf and Thomas Burtard

UCHealth SportsMed Clinic

Jeff Uberuaga

Larry and Lynn Worrell

In Memory of

Ian Furguson by:

Robin Jugl

In Honor of:

Annika and Erik Belsaw

        by Ellery and Riley Hodges

Todd Wilson

        by Craig and Beck Ward

Peter and Kim Stravinski

        by Michael and Nancy Berman

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