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Thank You

Thanks to the generous support from people like you...


“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” ~ Henry Ford


We wish to express our gratitude to all of our generous community partners, sponsors, Legacy Society members, donors and volunteers for supporting the SSWSC.  Each of you who gives of your time, treasure and talents is considered a vital member of the team that makes the SSWSC thrive year after year.


Your support enables us to continue providing world class coaching.  Our coaches bring unique skills and leadership to their youth sport programs, with a focus on each athlete’s individual goals.    


We are thankful for our big-hearted donors who enabled us to direct scholarship funds to over 300 local families with financial need.  


Additionally, thank you to our hundreds of volunteers for their dedication and tireless work that make our year-around events successful. We are grateful to each and every one of you for all you do to support the SSWSC.  


Warm regards,

Ellen Campbell, Director of Development

“The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club and the community are intertwined.  It’s the fabric that holds the community together. One of my prime objectives by working for the City of Steamboat Springs is preserving the past with an eye towards the future. By supporting the SSWSC, it serves both those goals. What inspires me to give to the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, simply – it’s the kids. It’s when you see the kids, their involvement, the smiles on their face and their competitive face when they are racing. Or their parents cheering them on – it’s inspirational.   You want to give  that support and continue to support for the benefit of the children. That’s what it’s all about—the kids.”

Charlie MacArthur has been the President of Native Excavating since 2018.   As a Steamboat native, MacArthur has built solid relationships and connections within our community.   He has been married to his wife Rebecca for ten years, raising three young children.  For seven years, MacArthur was a Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club athlete and was also a coach for two years of the Freeskiing team.   MacArthur joined the SSWSC Foundation board in March, 2019. 


"Growing up in Steamboat, I was provided the incredible opportunity to mature within the Winter Sports Club framework.  The lessons from coaches on training, perseverance, and teamwork are still with me today and I remain shaped by experiences within the Club.  It's an honor to be able to give back to this tremendous organization."

For many years, Dave Gowdy and Beth Wilhelm have been the first to commit to volunteer, always going well beyond their work deposit hours. Dave spent the time to become certified to work in official roles at alpine events and was indispensable in this regard but what stood out with both Beth and Dave is that they would happily take on the least glamorous roles, from gatekeeper to parking attendant. To them it was always about helping wherever help was needed in the true spirit of volunteerism. The SSWSC is grateful for their dedication and commitment.

Support Partner Spotlight

Gary Suiter, City Manager,

City of Steamboat Springs

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Charlie MacArthur

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Dave Gowdy and Beth Wilhelm

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Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Annual Report 2018-2019